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Local Trains

The local commuter service (Cercanias) and the high speed long distance trains (AVE) are both run by Renfe. The Cercanias trains stop at Torremolinos but for AVE trains you will need to go to Málaga.

Cercanias railway runs from Málaga to Fuengirola with stops at the airport, Torremolinos and Benalmádena Arroyo de la Miel among others.

The Renfe website doesn't have a full timetable though you can use it to find the times of trains between any two stations. There is a more useful timetable on the Transporte Consortium de Andalucia website.

If you have smartphone then you can download apps as follows:
  • Renfe Ticket - Buy AVE tickets online
  • Renfe Cercanias - Local timetable
  • Renfe Horarios - AVE timetables
  • Concorcio Málaga - Local timetables (plus buses, metro & rental bikes)
  • Cercanias Renfe - Local timetables
  • Horarios para Renfe - Local timetables

The trains run every 20 minutes most of the day including Sundays, public holidays and even Christmas Day. They leave from Torremolinos for Málaga at 3, 23 and 43 minutes past the hour. For Fuengirola it is 13, 33 and 53 minutes past the hour. If you need to travel early in the morning or late at night then you should check the timetable as the trains are then 30 minutes apart.

You are allowed to take a bicycle on the train and there is no additional charge for this.

You can also take a dog on the train and there is no additional charge though the dog must be muzzled and on a lead. This can be useful as you are not allowed to take dogs on the buses and most taxi drivers are not keen.

Children under six travel free (two per adult) but they are not supposed to use a seat.

Part of the line is single track, so at these stations make sure that you get on the train going in the right direction. Málaga Centro Alameda is one such station but as it is the end of the line there is no problem. However there is a second line that goes from Málaga to Álora from the same platform, so make sure that you get on the train marked Fuengirola.
The stations are divided into zones and the price for a ticket depends on how many zones you pass through. There are five zones and the ticket price varies from 1.80 € to 3.60 €.

Torremolinos Stations
The main Torremolinos station does not have any lifts and only has a single up escalator when travelling from the Málaga direction. This makes it very difficult if you are disabled, old, infirm or just have very large cases or pushchairs.

The long overdue improvements are now underway and should be finished around Spring 2021. Torremolinos station

I will place pictures of the works as they progress on Torremolinos Today.

If you are staying out of the centre then one of the other railway stations may be better for you. Click on one of the blue icons to see details of that station.
Buying tickets
The system for buying tickets changed in Autumn 2019 and is supposed to save time BUT the explanations by Renfe of how to use the system has left many people so confused that there are queues at the ticket office and ticket machines and the process is slower than usual. As a result, I have put together some instructions and they are in a separate document here.
Going farther
If you wish to travel farther then you will need to go to Málaga Maria Zambrano station. You can book tickets online. Download the RenfeTicket app to your SmartPhone.

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Last updated 2nd April 2020